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It’s time to create currency yielding assets, so that, your money is working for you vs. you always working for it. Be amongst like-minded individuals embarking on the same journey. Engage. Share. Prosper!


  • Social Platform
  • Share Content
  • Connect with others
  • Earn 7% on Referrals


$ 49
00 /Month
  • Social Platform
  • Document Library
  • Earn 30% on Referrals
  • Recurring Passive Income
  • Academy Full Access Pass
  • Zoom Calls


  • Social Platform
  • Document Library
  • Earn 45% on Referrals
  • Recurring Passive Income
  • Academy Full Access Pass
  • Zoom Calls

Which type of membership is right for you?

Cashopoly Basic is for individuals who simply want to hangout with like-minded people, discuss and share wealth building tips and strategies.

Cashopoly Plus is for individuals who want to take their community experience to the next level, get full access to all the online courses. While, having the opportunity to earn extra income sharing Cashopoly with others.

Cashopoly Prime is for those who wish to build 24/7 freedom – earn significant income as a Qualified Affiliate. Find the path that will lead you to the lifestyle you’ve been seeking. We’ll help you get there.

The basic membership is always free. 

  • Share knowledge, tips, and wealth strategies.
  • You can create a private “members-only” group where you can have safe and secure conversations with customers, partners, or friends.

Earned referral commissions are paid weekly.

  • Plus members earn on 3 levels of referrals
  • Prime members earn on 7 levels of referrals

New educational content added monthly