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Due to the COVID19 Virus/Pandemic many people are facing challenges. We believe one area most people are struggling with is earning enough income to handle their monthly expenses and obligations. Then have enough left over to fund and achieve their Goals and Dreams.

We offer a Part Time or Full Time Income Opportunity you can do from home or remotely.

We provide are rock solid platform and credible products, services, and training that people want and need during these times. Rather, you are building a Cashopoly Affiliate Business, your own business, or a side hustle – we can help you reach your goals.

The benefits of direct selling include:

  • Low cost of entry / start-up costs.
    • There is no cost to join the Cashopoly Affiliate Program. You will earn a one-time up to 25% commission per sales. We reward members with an active Cashopoly Academy subscription an increased commissions up to 45% (one-time or recurring) per sale. Cashopoly also pay a bonus commission (one-time or recurring) on multi-levels of referred sales.
  • Low overhead costs.
    • Cashopoly provides its affiliates a business “back-office” functions, including shipping, order fulfillment, marketing/advertising materials, referral links, and training.
  • No inventory requirements.
    • Cashopoly Affiliates don’t need to buy and store inventory, because Cashopoly takes care of stocking, order fulfillment, and shipping direct to consumer.
  • Flexibility.
    • Cashopoly Affiliates have the flexibility to:
      • set their own working hours,
      • create their own marketing plans,
      • determine whether to build a sales team, who to work with, and how best to mentor those individuals,
      • determine how to service their customers,
      • take time off whenever they need to (without having to clear it with a supervisor), and
      • work from home or any location where they have access to WiFi, Internet, and mobile phone service.
    • The Cashopoly income opportunity is truly a “portable business.”
  • Be your own boss/CEO.
    • Cashopoly Affiliates are entrepreneurs, who work independently and don’t have to answer to anyone but themselves or worry about climbing the traditional “corporate ladder” to achieve their success. Cashopoly Affiliates can build and grow their own independent small business and run those businesses the way they see fit.

Cashopoly makes it easy to work on your own terms. We provide you with resources to get started quickly and run your business from anywhere. Use your mobile device to order products, track sales, access free educational articles and much more.

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towards a life filled with possibility, passion and prosperity. Together, we are building generational wealth one member at a time.